Why India is losing out on Medals in Olympics

Shivani Sinha | 30-Aug-2016

Every four years this moment arises when everyone in the country starts caring about all the other sport that exist leaving cricket. Every day we keep a check on any new medal that an Indian athlete may have won during the Olympics.

Rio Olympics
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Unfortunately, this time, the Olympics can be a huge upset. As of different timelines, the games happen in Rio at a time when mostly everyone in the country is sleeping and every morning waking up we check out on internet and TV about any news of a medal entitled to an Indian athlete but all we get is a bad news.

In 2008 Beijing Olympics India had won 3 medals for the first time in Olympic history and in London, the count went up to 6. It may be funny for countries like US and China where a single athlete would gain more medals but the only thing we would like to take from it was that we were improving! We expected even better performance this time around but it seems we may be left disappointed and with only a few days to go, I’ll consider ourselves lucky if we manage to bag a single medal.

It hurts! That is obvious for sure. The more hurting part is that our athletes do qualify for higher rounds by performing well in the initial rounds but lose out on levels which could have won us the medal. The number of Indian athletes ending up on 4th positions in this year’s Olympics is too surprising. DipaKarmakar became the first ever Indian gymnast to reach Olympic’s final vault round. We had our hopes high but she too even ended on 4th missing the bronze just be a negligible number of points. Sania mirza and Rohan Bopanna in mixed doubles tennis, Abhinav Bindra in shooting were the other athletes who came fourth and missed the bronze.

Dipa Karmakar after finishing at 4th spot
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What might be the reason behind this?

If you blame the athletes for this then you might reconsider your senses or you have been a new immigrant to this nation. This is to be added to the long list of the country governance’s bad.

So the government is to be blamed for not providing world class infrastructure or motivation to the people in the country but we can’t just get rid of this by sentencing two lines to the government.

After the Olympic is over, we may forget all the related things to it for another 4 years and again get engaged in our national game according to half of the nation which is cricket! Cricket is very successful in India as we are one of the dominant teams in the world which are good. Why are we dominant in Cricket rather than in our national game hockey? It’s because of its popularity and success in India. Popularity and success in the game are directly proportional to each other. More the people watch a sport more the money gets invested in it and hence the development in it.

Rio Olympics
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We haven’t given importance to other sports at all. What we only cared about a sport in cricket for talking about the majority. How can we expect some athlete of whose name we just heard during the Olympics to win us a medal while we don’t follow or support its sports?  I am a cricket fan too but I do realise that as a developing nation we need to give other sports importance too. It is our country where anyone good in physical activities is enforced to make his profession cricket rather giving a chance out in any other sport. The number of athletes we must have lost this way is unaccountable.

On the other hand government officials and their politics also lend their hand in the unsuccessful run of Indian athletes in this year’s Olympics. We saw Dutee Chand sharing her regret over the unconditional situations she’d face reaching Rio while the ministers were seen having out a premium vacation. Also, the pay and conditions of sports person other than cricketer in India will give you your answer why our flag isn’t still been raised in the Olympic podium.

 To speak frankly, we don’t have any right asking the question ‘why are we missing on medals?’ with the interest we show towards our athletes and their sports, the proper question would be ‘why not other sports?’


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