Women are Flying against all Odds

Sudipti Dhawan | 20-Jul-2016

One of the blatant observations of growing up in India is ascertaining the fact that how differently young girls and young boys are treated in our society. The difference is not just seen in our behaviours, but in our language and even it is evident in the way we think. Since childhood girls are advised to be more ‘cautious’ while doing everyday things or deciding what to wear.

They are often perceived as burdens, as liabilities, and often, are carried up to be “married off”. The trend of son preference in our country sees an ugly manifestation in this as well. Therefore to fight the decades of patriarchy which is at the root of this thinking, Girls have themselves stepped onto the stage and have shown the world by shining brightly in all the fields possible and the latest addition to the list is the flying division in Indian Airforce.

Women are flying against all Odds
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In India “We venerate women as goddesses.” It’s hoax. We do not worship them as goddesses; goddesses are worshipped as goddesses. What all the overhyped goddess-worship really does is to craft an impracticable ideal for women, very similar to the Madonna-Whore dichotomy in the Christian world. But against all odds with their undying spirit and zeal to excel they have proved that they are not only superior to men but can be more successful in their fields.

Moreover, It was a matter of pride when last year, on 83rd Air Force Day, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha had declared that women would soon be inducted as fighter pilots, making Indian Air force the first of the three services to include women in active front-line combat roles. Last 5 years have been golden years for women in Indian armed forces as in 2010, women in the Army and the Air Force were commissioned to serve full term service by the Delhi High Court, which stated that women officers "deserve better from the government”. Women naval officers also scored this milestone last year, with the High Court declaring that it would "frown upon any endeavour to block the progress of women.” Former, women military officers were entitled only to a limited service span.

Indian Air Force
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However, it was a pity that since 1991 women were only allowed to pilot helicopters and transport aircraft. Furthermore, flying fighter jets or to be included in front line combat roles was a far reality which was made true by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, who decided to open the cockpits of fighter aircraft for women. Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawna Kant and Mohana Singh are the pilots included in the first batch. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar was present to observe the passing-out parade at the Indian Air Force Academy in Hakimpet in Hyderabad. It was a landmark parade in the history of IAF held as part of successful completion of pre-commission training of flying cadets. It would be interesting to see what heights these girls will touch. How one can make her childhood dream come true by sheer hard work can be seen by looking at the life of Avani Chaturvedi who as a young girl, all wanted was to fly like a bird but little did she knew at that time that not only will her childhood dream come true one day, but also she would go on to make history.

Will these women would be able to write a new chapter in the book of Indian Armed forces? The answer is yes they will, but what you guys think can comment below.

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