WTF?!!! L.I.F.E (With The Fundamentals)

Aakash Varghese | 13-Feb-2017

We have been living in a society which moulds an individual and sculpts him in such a way that the individual forgets that he/she has their own individuality or their own existence/presence as a human being which is ‘uniquely’ different from any other individual, in other words, if I say an individual has his/her own ‘identity’ which defines the individual. When an individual grows through a phase of time till He/she becomes an adult till then there are lot of changes affecting his perception as well as his individuality, there are various sources which influence the individuality of a person(take for eg:-peers/media/society/home)  and these sources may make the individual to a better human being or break the individual into a disastrous/unpleasant person.

WTF Life

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What is the fundamental thing that we as humans are born to do?

The society in which we are exposed to often judge us on the basis of the financial heights one has gained(I am here talking not all them but most of them). Yes of course ‘money’ is the fundamental thing that drives us and one would be an ‘idiot’ who says that he doesn’t need money to survive.

Is only earning money the only priority in our lives as human beings?

Take a scenario of the present which flows in the society for an individual who after completion of their studies(graduation) when exposed to a social gathering(for eg: a- take any party/function/religious gatherings) are often attacked with questions like did you get any employment? If so then is it an MNC? How much of salary package are you currently getting? If an individual says ‘Yes’ to all of this then he/she becomes a centre of comparison and they get attacked with another question like ‘Do you know how much your colleague earns?’

The individual replies ‘Sorry I don’t  ‘well he/she earns double than what you do earn at present and in this manner they make an individual feel insecure of his/her worth. And then the individual says to himself “OMG! In what mess did you place me”

The Society also judges an individual on the basis of his/her ‘s popularity or recognition/fame that one has achieved in their field.

Is Fame/Popularity/ Recognition a fundamental?

What is the thing that separates we humans from the animals?

The feeling of ‘importance'. This is the feeling which has made humans superior amongst all the life forms on this planet. This feeling of ‘importance’ is what separates us humans from the animals. This feeling is what made the kingdoms rise into empires. There isn’t any human being born who doesn’t have this feeling, from rich to poor, young to old all have it in their inner ego saying ‘I am important, I too have a voice’. This feeling of ‘importance’ is what drives humans in achieving recognition and popularity in their respective fields.

If you look into history you will see examples where gladiators used to fight with each other in the coliseum in front of the public and their king so as to earn the affection of the king and glory amongst the people as well as to create their name in history.

Look at the lives of Shakespeare and Beethoven both from an era of time where following passion was considered as a sense of foolishness amongst the population. But still, both of them followed their pursuits which gave them a sense of pride as well as happiness. Inspite of all the odds both of them craved out and became legends in their respective fields and are still remembered as the greatest men of history.

Now look over here these men also made their lives prosperous following their passion and they did earn their living and had contented life. Fortune did make its way into their lives. Their passion made them earn it.

You ask an I.T professional for example on what is the value of money to him .., you will get a reply like …Time….Targets to be covered….Deadlines to be maintained….more productivity ….more profit…..more money. Same is the answer you would be getting from a sales person …an entrepreneur. The perspective of most of these individuals has money as an only priority in life. We humans often have the nature of competing with each other, even in reaching financial heights we knowingly or unknowingly compete with one another. When we see our neighbour/friend/acquaintances earning and living a better prosperous life than our than a sense of enthusiasm arises in us so that we too grow ourselves and be prosperous as they are so the standards of both have a match and the feeling of inferiority doesn’t arrive for one.

Money does help you earn recognition/ popularity / fame . It does bring you all the materialistic pleasures. It does help you gain fancy life with fancy friends and relationships. It also does help you gain respect (depends may be a short term or long term based on your character).

Now take an example into the life of a  famous drug king in the world Pablo Escobar, he was one of the wealthiest personalities of the 80's. “Ohh, yeah!!, he was a billionaire”. He was the most feared, respected and prominent personalities of Columbia. He acquired his wealth by doing all the type of things which are unethical and by breaking all the laws made to govern the society with peace and harmony. His ambition was to become a millionaire by the age of 20 and he did accomplish it by walking through a road which leads him to slaughter innocents, kidnapping, theft, murdering, drug trafficking and various other heinous crimes. He was hunted down by the FBI and was killed in an encounter, though he lived like a king but faced death worse than like of a street dog. Was a life of like that worth…?? …ask yourselves.

Is Health a fundamental…??

Is this segment I only want to ask you one question. Can you enjoy your wealth without your health..??...Think of the answers yourselves weather you want to spend your wealth on eating pills that you don’t wish to eat, paying over on hospital bills or you wish to spend it on a vacation at a beautiful place with your near and dear ones.

Is Humanity a fundamental….??

‘God made us in his own image’ we have all came across this phrase in the bible, it does have more literal sense to it .It does even say that we all have a godly virtue within us which is called “selfless-love”.  All of us have this within us and this godly quality that we possess ‘Humanity’. We all do have this feeling of  compassion within us for our fellow human souls . A study has shown that majority of children are more compassionate and behave more humanely than most of the adults do, why is it so…?  It is because as children our understanding and judgements are not clouded by the acts of selfishness and ‘Self-centeredness’ and we don’t think in a manner like ‘what is in it for me..?..’ if I behave humanely or show compassion for a fellow human soul. As we become adults we get programmed in such a way that our judgements are clouded by ‘Self-Centeredness’ and we forget the ‘humanity’ that we posses .Its because we get influenced by many factors (like  peers, society , family…etc) we often hear a common phrase which flows in air like “no need to show compassion and be a Gandhi for others , who is gonna help you in your  misfortune??”  . All of this external influence bring second thoughts in our thinking and we end up being inhumane and forget our godly self that we posses.

Look at of Mother Teresa a great soul who walked on this earth with only one motto of providing service to the needy, unloved, unwanted, uncared people of the society who are shunned by the majority of the mass. She did set an example of how one can be compassionate and be humane to the fellow human souls.

All of us do have an ounce of humanity within us also we don’t need to become like Mother Teresa, but looking at her work we could at least arouse the humanity which we have within us and become better individuals.

Are honour and integrity a fundamental?

We all have seen in history about the story of Alexander The Great and his conquests. Alexander had conquered almost the entire majorly all parts of the world .he came to India crossing the barrier of the Himalayas to conquer this land. The battle of ‘Hydapyes’ was the toughest he ever faced with King Porus of India. Though the battle was won in favour of Alexander, he captured king Porus and brought him to his court and asked him how should he be treated. Porus being a captive to Alexander and being a victim of the war replied in his defence  that “treat me in a  manner as a king would treat another king”, impressed by the reply of king Porus despite of him being a captive and pleading for mercy of his life he stood before him upright without loosing his honour and integrity ‘Alexander The Great’ returned him his kingdom back and declared to the world that he had never met such a courageous king and called Porus as a ‘man of honour and integrity’.

Here in the above scenario, both the Kings could be called as men of high honour and integrity. ‘Alexander the Great’ being the victor of war kept his honour by not punishing and condemning king Porus, on the other hand king Porus having lost the war and being in courtroom of Alexander kept his honour as a king  and was bold enough to speak upright for himself and his people no matter what the consequences would have been for his replies.

We as individuals need not become kings or queens to possess honour and integrity. Each of us individuals has our own self-honour and integrity which we can keep up even in the most adverse situations, who knows at the end of it, we may yield glorious results or at least we would end up as better human beings instead of being a victim of the situation.

Is courage a fundamental?

There are two types of courage, one is the physical courage and the second is the moral courage. Physical courage is what we see more in this world and moral courage is a rare quality but an individual who posses this fundamental of moral courage can adhere with any situation and find a resolution to any problems and boldly face any life challenges and overcome it.

We all have known about Nelson Mandela’s struggle to create South Africa into a united nation where all the people of the state enjoy equal rights, live with peace and create a society which shows no discrimination or subjugation towards the blacks. He started a revolution for which he was imprisoned for almost 27 years of his life by the government lead by the white officials. After being released from the prison he had the moral courage and he proclaimed the message of forgiveness and reconciliation inspiring the world by his noble act. Can you imagine what would South Africa be today if he was consumed by the lust of vengeance and payback for all the humiliations and contempt that he and his people had suffered amongst the white oppressors..???. It would still have been a state of war and colonial division if Mandela didn’t have the moral courage of forgiveness.

Nelson Mandela is now remembered as the noblest human walked on this earth and for the acts that he had done for the nation of S.A

Lets now see what is   L.I.F.E….???

If you look at these 4 letters in another way then you will find that L.I.F.E is an abbreviation of Long lasting efforts to Initiate oneself towards the Freedom of Expression.

Let us see how does this fall in place.

Long lasting efforts- It’s a continuous practice over one’s self so that an individual takes a stand for his/her ‘s own-self and decide that what is it that the individual actually wants in his years of life. In other words ‘to take control and be responsible for one’s own actions’

To Initiate oneself- An individual has to constantly keep his “engine running”. One always has to keep himself motivated towards the purpose of their lives to attain fulfilment of it. Motivation helps one to remain steadfast with their zest for life.

Freedom- We humans are blessed with a gift from our creator and we should be grateful for this. The gift of  “Free-will” this is the freedom of ‘choice’ that we have. We have the freedom to decide what we want to do in our lives. It totally depends on us to choose the righteous path that yields fruitful results in life or to choose a path which is unethical and leads to the path of destruction.

Expression- Expression over here doesn't mean how one expresses his image publically. Here it is how one expresses their individuality when faced with challenging situations. How individual acts towards his personal self.We often have heard the phrase “Be honest with yourself” it suits in here well, no matter whatever adverse situation comes by our expression towards it should not be shaky and not alter our moral courage, character and honour. The actions that we take during this time should be righteous and should come wholeheartedly. In this way, one maintains the tempo of life and doesn’t become the victim of a situation no matter how adverse that may be.

I just pointed out certain fundamentals which may be essential. You being the reader decide it yourselves which would work for you or how you can have a balanced life moving with all of it under your belt. Of course, money will flow in and around today or tomorrow with each of the fundamentals.

End of the day in a nutshell an individual should be passionate in what he/she is doing, be righteous, give respect to other individuals, love for self and fellow human souls, live with peace …content and happiness, be grateful. And fruitful and prosperous results will come by because there is a saying “what goes around comes around” eventually.

So, Live your LIFE and make sure to live each and every day to the fullest.

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