You are not alone

Neelakshi Digarse | 21-Nov-2016

The night comes I am all alone 
nobody to love, none to call home 
it’s getting shallow in my chest 
hold me for a night and let me cry, 
say home is here 
let me, even for a night but let me rest.

You are not alone

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Curl me in your arms, grab my waist 
just for a night but keep me sane
As you curl me in, let me cry 
nights have seen my oceans dry

let me rant all my sins, how I let myself sink
desert in a sea,
rain in winter,
all my thoughts unite at nights and linger

Come close to me darling, drink me in 
regret, fear and guilt, a vacuum awaits
Come close to me and fill this space
let me lay down, let me get peace’s taste

Talk to my body and kiss my soul 
enlighten me with your lips and touch with  words
take away my misery, take away the cold 
pull me close and sense my pain

Just for a night but love me 
let me say I am home and kiss
just for a night, not the dark but the stars 
let me drown you with me

Only one wish to say 
come and cuddle me in 
keep close to your chest 
even for a night, but say 
You are home.
You are not alone.

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