You Inspire Me

Navni Tandon | 24-Dec-2016

This population which work tirelessly day and night for the nation’s good, inspires me. They mean a lot to the nation and I salute their spirit.

Every day we see a number of people around us, but we hardly observe their activities. A lot of people come and go, perform their respective duties, but we hardly acknowledge their services which they do for us. This observation begins right from our home. Before talking about other people, let’s talk about the family first. First of all, our own family members who join the effort of sharing each other’s joys and sorrows is a great task. It’s a big responsibility and we are so ignorant, that we do not pay our debt of gratitude to the family members.

How honest, they tell us our mistakes, our weaknesses and try to encourage us every time we fall. But rather than being grateful, we start firing on them. Fighting with the loved ones in the family means we are dishonouring them and bringing disharmony into our own family. This kind of attitude is a hurdle in our growth as well as a hindrance to the happiness for our family. So the first thing we need to do is pay gratitude to the family members and save ourselves from creating disharmony in the family at any cost.

You Inspire Me

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A healthy and vibrant family is the foundation of a great society. Be the pioneer of spreading joy and peace amongst the family members, so that your family becomes a great source of inspiration for other families in the society. There are so many families in the world, which are not happy, which live under pathetic conditions, some of them being poor, while others being rich but not happy. Can’t we progress on the path of happiness by supporting our family members and encouraging others to do the same, so that we create a happy society together? It's better when a thousand people start walking together and each of them takes 1 step rather than just one person taking 1 step alone. Each of those thousand people taking 1 step ahead means a thousand steps at one time.

It’s a big stride towards the achievement of the highest form of life. Let’s advance for fulfilling this dream of creating a better society by creating “happy families” wherever we are staying right now.

The ones who serve us through different means and modes are no less than heroes, but we forget about them, rendering no respect to them. This attitude is again to be watched and improved upon. The hawker who gives the daily newspaper, the person who supplies milk every day at our place, the persons who clean the roads and picks up the garbage, all of them are worthy of respect and not neglect. Yet we fail to recognise their efforts and help. So what if they are doing it for money? At least they are doing such tasks which the whole of humanity considers as “menial” tasks. Give them a smile when you walk across them. Doing small things is of great value, as they build the foundation for big achievements.

In India, after the demonetization process, the work of the guards at the ATMs has not only quadrupled, but also it has become a crucial task. It’s a challenge for the guards to take care that all the customers who are standing in a line of the ATM are able to withdraw money; there is no scuffle in while people are standing in the line. They have to Keep a complete check while people are withdrawing money so that other people standing behind are not creating trouble for the one who is withdrawing money. Moreover, the guard has to keep informing the authorities if there occur any technical problems. Also, the customers who do not know how to operate the ATM, they are helped by the guards.

Readers must be wondering why there is such a long description given over here about the ATM guards of India. Well, yesterday I observed how diligently the guards are working day and night for helping the people. They will get a salary, of course, but they are not doing it for only money. Even at late nights, they are on duty. Many of them have been shot dead brutally by the robbers. Still, the guards all over India perform their duty without saying no to anybody.

We must salute this spirit of the ATM guards to render their service without fearing. The essence here is that so many people around us are doing so much for us. Yet, we do not understand them and never acknowledge them.  I was so much inspired by that old guard of the ATM, who did not have his lunch so that the people standing in line would not suffer. Even a little appreciation and acknowledgement to these people will give you boundless joy, which a big gift can never give you. Keep paying gratitude to all those people around you and keep creating fortunes for yourselves.

The readers might jump to the conclusion immediately that this is all bookish. But no, until you apply what good things you preach or what you read, you yourself keep it in the books. If we start realizing that idealism is not being restricted to the books, rather, it has to be implied by us in our daily schedule, plus it has to be shared with other people, nobody will ever utter such words as “this is all bookish - principles, values, morals, and ethics.”

With the New Year coming closer start realising and feeling such things in your heart. It is the humanness in you that needs to be checked the time and again. Rest, all of us are aware of our duties being good citizens, we are aware of responsibilities for ourselves, but what about those few people who do not say a no to you irrespective of the circumstances they might be facing in their lives. The more you feel inspired by the people who provide services to you, the more gratitude, you will pay for them. The more gratitude you will pay, the more good fortune you will earn. Because, it is the truth of eternity “Misfortune comes from one’s mouth, but fortune comes from one’s HEART.”


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Navni Tandon is a professional writer. Navni previously worked as a Research Assistant for a project of Indian Council of Social Sciences and Research. Her paper entitled ?Human Trafficking in Rajasthan: Recent Surge and Administrative Loopholes? has been published in the book entitled ?Administrative Reforms and Good Governance".