Your Ideas and My Ideas

Sheela Joby | 16-Oct-2016

Love is all you need

The couples nowadays live in a healthy relationship to endure their bonding with each other. A healthy relationship not only needs love to grow but also other emotional and rational factors to ignite the fire within. The understanding and bond of love are consistent to lead ahead in their relationship. They support and respect each other’s decisions and opinions for the betterment of their future plans.

The couples need to believe their spouse or partner at every stage of life. They should be supportive of each other’s decision and plan the strategies for a better life together. They should not involve a third party person to interfere in their personal life decisions and problems. The main point to stress on is how they handle their misunderstandings not even letting their shadows know about it.

There are many facets in one’s life that might be distressful and of agony. The fear of losing the compatibility with the partner also leads to offensive thoughts and imagination. The couples should keep indulged themselves in pampering each other by presenting gifts, taking for a date or vacation, which not release the stress but also deepens their bond.

Your Ideas and My Ideas

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The conflicts they undergo

The conflicts among the couples don’t arise randomly. It is the result of mishandling of the other aspects of life. These factors might comprise of –

1. Money –It is said monetary influence leaves a high impact on marital status. But it is not completely true. The partners need to focus on other important issues like future security, family planning, long – term investments to earn future benefits. The couples should lead as a team to pool in their joint income for future prospective to spice up their present and relax in their retirement phase. Money should be just a number and not more than that. It should be considered while analysis your love status.

2. Work – At this point in time, everyone finds for a working beau to contribute to the wellness of their married life. But the couples need to understand the flinches they experience due to change in shifts time to time depending on the nature of the job profile. The couples need to adjust according to their routine and set their time – table in such a manner that they take out spare time for each other.

There should be a clear connection between them to acknowledge each other’s work priorities and time management for the same to avoid any sort of conflict.

3. Children - The big question arises who will look after the kids? Normally, we get to see mothers or wives look after children and household chores. But nowadays females are working hard to establish their own identity and feed their children more efficiently. In most of the cases, the women going out and earning stay back at home and take care of the kids and house. It is time to break old stereotypes and let them go out and work for themselves and their family.

Men should also play a keen and equal part in grooming their kids and preparing them for future. Partners should understand and respect each other’s decision to move ahead in life without a crease. They both should be equally responsible for their child and his activities.

Your Ideas and My Ideas

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Handling the stress with ease

  1. Differences can be tackled through proper monitoring and space are given to each other.
  2. Couples should talk about the problem immediately before it becomes a big problem in your relationship.
  3. Couples need to express love, affection and gratitude towards each other to show how much they care about them. This can be made easy by presenting flowers, preparing favourite dinner, romantic candle light dinner and walks.
  4. You can always talk about any frustration or work – related problem you are dealing with. This, in turn, will firm your trust over each other. Your partner will help you to sort your stress and build a love relationship.
  5. In a healthy relationship, the couples more likely respect and consider each other’s perspective and help them in decision – making.
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