Get Free Marketing For YouTube Movies.

Get Free Marketing For YouTube Movies
  • About the Marketing
  • Short movies are the new fad with the growing internet. Are you the one who is looking for promoting your short movies? Are you falling short of funds for your next movie? Do you want your movie to reach a larger audience? Fagnum presents an excellent opportunity for filmmakers like you. Fagnum will collaborate with you to promote your movie. Your movie will be published on the youtube channel of Fagnum and will be promoted by Fagnum by its monthly article writing contest over social media.
  • Guidelines for publishing your movie on Fagnum.
  • 1. You need to share your short movie with Fagnum. The short movie will be reviewed, and if Fagnum likes it, it will be published on Fagnum's youtube channel.
  • 2. Before the publishing of your short movie, Fagnum would like to enter into a deal with you. A bidding quote will be settled for your movie by Fagnum if which impresses you then your movie will be bought by Fagnum. The negotiated amount will be paid to you by Fagnum after six months.
  • 3. After entering into the contract with Fagnum, your movie will be published on Fagnum's youtube channel. You will have to keep the movie on Fagnum's youtube channel for six months, and you will not be allowed to take it down before six months.
  • 4. After the remuneration of the negotiated amount paid to you by Fagnum, your movie will be owned by Fagnum. And you can't publish it anywhere else not even on your own youtube channel.
  • 5. If Fagnum fails to stand by its commitment, then you can take off your movie from Fagnum's youtube channel after six months.
  • 6. Article's length must be greater than 500 words. 200 points will be awarded if the article's length is greater than 700 words.
  • 7. Mail your article at and for any query you can call at +91 886 786 1530.